Double-Up Rewards

Uppercase Living Double-Up Rewards

Double-up rewards are one of the best things about Uppercase Living! But they can be confusing too. Here’s an explanation of what Double-Up Rewards are and how they can help you earn more free stuff!

First, you need to understand that Uppercase Living loves our hostesses. And we especially love existing customers that become hostesses. We truly want to see every hostess earn a lot of free products. But how can we treat the current hostess so well AND treat a customer at her party so well? That’s where Double-Up Rewards come into play.

When you host an Uppercase Living Open House, UL takes any purchases you’ve made in the last 6 months at other parties (or as individual orders), doubles them (up to a $250*), and adds them to your party total!

Let’s say you attended Susan’s party and fell in love with Uppercase Living expressions (and really who could blame you? 😉 ). You placed a $75 order and set a date to host your own party. A couple things happen immediately. First, because you asked to be a hostess at Susan’s party, Susan gets to pick out an additional item at half price (see, I told you UL loves our hostesses). Second, when you host your party, Uppercase Living will double that $75 to $150 and add it to your party total! How cool is that!

Double Up Rewards

Looking at the chart below, you can see that Hostess Rewards start when a party reaches $250 in total sales. At that amount you earn $25 in free product credits (10% of the party total) and 2 half-priced items. But, after you include your Double-Up Rewards, your party total immediately jumps to $400 ($250 party total + your $150 Double-Up Rewards) and earns you $60 in free product credits (15% of the new party total)! Woohoo!

Hostess Rewards

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your Uppercase Living Party booked!

* The fine print:

  • Double-Up rewards cannot exceed $250
  • Parties must reach $250 in sales before Hostess Rewards and Double-Up Rewards kick in
  • Double-Up Rewards expire six months after time of purchase
  • That’s it!

Uppercase Living Double-Up Rewards Explanation Graphic

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